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Most of us, at some point in our life, will suffer from back pain, or neck pain from sitting too long, or shoulder pain when we lift our arm. Probably as you’re reading this, you’re reminded of that ache in your low back that has been bothering you for weeks since that 9-hour Game of Thrones marathon.

We have encountered it repeatedly over our 6 years of practice as physiotherapists and more often than not, the solution can be quite simple.


Unfortunately, misinformation or lack of guidance following an injury can lead to a slow recovery.


Through this blog series,

we hope to share with you our insights and solutions to these common injuries. This isn’t going to be about how the neurotransmitters in your muscles change after an injury, nor about the 30 studies on back pain with inconclusive results.


The insight we give here will be the insight we give to our patients, when we have our face to face consultations. These are our physio recommendations that have shown to be helpful for our patients over the past 6 years of our practice.


At the same time, as we are embarking on a 4 month South-East Asia adventure, we would love to share with you our travel experiences and encounters. Through our lens, be it hiking in the Himalayas or scuba diving in Thailand, we hope to inspire you to get off the couch and on the path to recovery!


With MyPhysioPassport, we want to share with you our two passions, Physiotherapy and travel, and hope to help you get closer to reaching your next adventure!


Welcome to My Physio Passport!


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