Why is physiotherapy ESSENTIAL for your recovery?

Physiotherapy has evolved significantly over the past 10 years, and has developed into a service essential in everybody’s life.

In the past, we would only consider physiotherapy for injuries like a fractured bone, or after a surgery, and would consist of some supervised exercises and that weird “tingly shock” machine.

And not surprisingly, people would think “I could just do the exercises at home, why would I need to pay someone to watch me do it?”.


But physiotherapy is SO much more than just exercise.

The way I like to think of the necessity of Physiotherapy following an injury is comparable to learning to drive a car without a driving instructor.

Imagine your first day driving a car, but your driving instructor doesn’t show up. So you think “Hey, I can probably figure this out”. It takes you 20 minutes to start the car because you don’t know where the key slot is. Then you end up running through stop signs because you don’t know what they mean. Next thing you know, you’re driving the wrong way down the highway and end up in a big crash….


Recovering from an injury IS equally complicated.

As a Physiotherapist, we help guide you through the complexity of a smooth recovery. Like how a driving instructor will teach you the functioning of your car, what to do, what not to do, how to avoid being hit, and optimize your driving habits; your physiotherapist will explain to you your injury, reassure your concerns, inform you regarding activities that can hamper your recovery, and teach you exercises that will speed up your recovery.


Additionally, with our thorough understanding of the body, we can diagnose biomechanical dysfunctions in the muscles/joints/nerves that are limiting your recovery. We are like a living MRI-X-ray machine! In fact, some studies have even shown that a physiotherapist’s clinical diagnosis can be even more accurate than a radiological scan!


After finding the problem, we can then use specific manual therapy techniques to correct these dysfunctions. Think of it as how your mechanic will fix your flat tire to improve your driving experience. Without this correction, going from point A to B in your recovery will not only be a rough ride, but you might not make it at all.


Over the course of your life, you will likely suffer from many injuries, each of which comes with its own challenges and pathways. At differing points in time, you may need to drive a car, another time a motorcycle, and you might even extend to watercrafts. Lucky for you, your physiotherapist likely has the knowledge to pilot all these vehicles.

So with this understanding, why do we automatically understand the essential nature of getting a driving instructor to learn driving, but yet not the importance of having a guidance following a body injury? This is your health in the end, doesn’t it deserve the best?


My recommendation?

Try out Physiotherapy, I can guarantee you won’t regret it. Even if it is just one visit, you will come out understanding your injury, and with a clear plan of what road to take to get better.

But if you give it a chance, you might just notice that your brakes are now adjusted, engines oiled, suspensions repaired, and 100% ready for the road!


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