How to tell when you need Physiotherapy?

This turns out to be an all too common situation and an ever present confusion in society.

And I find it terribly unfortunate that due to the lack of guiding information and direction, patients end up enduring their pain for months or even years before finally consulting professional help.

This is not right…

So in an attempt to rectify this problem, we created a quick questionnaire identifying key signs/symptoms that help determine when your injury needs Physiotherapy. The following are our true and tested 7 situations when you should go seek the help of a physiotherapist:

If you answered YES to any of the 7 situations, then chances are, Physiotherapy can help in your recovery. The effects are also cumulative: the more points that you answered YES to, the more types of dysfunctions you have, and thus the greater is the benefit from Physiotherapy.

Take Mrs. P for example.

– She had a 3 year history of back pain after lifting a heavy box of Christmas decorations (>10 days + traumatic injury)
– She feels her back is not strong anymore (weakness)
– She feels a constant tightness in her low back (tension)
– And she is afraid everytime she needs to vacuum (fear of activity)

Mrs. P answered YES to 5/7 points. Following 4 weeks of physiotherapy, she was able to recover up to 90% of her ‘normal’. She finally expressed her regret of not having come earlier. She could have avoided just about 3 years of suffering. If only she knew who to seek for her problem…

Physiotherapy can be an integral part of helping you stay healthy.


Try it out for yourself.

Do you have a pain right now?

How many of the 7 did you answer YES to?

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