About Us


Hi! We are Ryan and Nan

A little about us!

We are two specialized physiotherapists working in Montreal and above all else, our passion lies in helping others and exploring the world.

Throughout our 6 year journey as physiotherapists, we have had the privilege of guiding individuals of all ages and backgrounds to get back on their feet after an injury.

Through this journey, however, we’ve come to notice an unhealthy pattern. There is a general lack of proper guiding information to help patients direct their recovery following an injury. For that reason, patients, time and time again, would fall into patterns of harmful compensations and beliefs.

Some drastically alter their movements, some develop exaggerated fears about their injury, and some avoid moving altogether. Ultimately, it led to an unfavorable recovery.

And that is when they finally decide to seek help.


After providing them with our guidance and recommendations, they would often say. “If only somebody told me that from the start, I wouldn’t have endured this pain for so long”

Mr. M could’ve avoided his 6 months of back pain had he known to correct his office chair posture in this way.

Mrs. B could’ve avoided her knee pain from hiking had she known these stretches…



Purpose of our Blog

This conundrum of misinformation in the general population had been troubling us for over years, and that’s when we decided to create this blog.

MyPhysioPassport is an information platform that seeks to correct this misinformation, and meanwhile tie in our two passions: Physiotherapy and Travel.

As we embark on a multi-month trip across South East Asia, we will regularly write about Physio topics that address common questions we’ve encountered through our practice ranging from:

  • How to have a good posture
  • Exercises for back pain
  • What to do after an injury
  • etc…


At the same time, we would love to tie in our travel adventures, be it hiking up in the Himalayas, scuba diving in the Similians, or simply the people we meet in between.

We hope this can empower you to a healthier living, and one day inspire you to embark on your own adventure!


Welcome to My Physio Passport!